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Mother of Weddings

Your wedding day is meant to be a day of celebration and joy. A time when two families join. A time when your friends can be part of your love story and witness the depth of emotion you feel for each other. To ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and you are the star on the day, having a wedding planner as part of your bridal team will make sure your day is memorable.

Created by Cate Allen-Ducat, Mother of Weddings are professional wedding planners who understand the different layers of details that need to be attended to when it comes to planning such an important event. With the flexibility to select your ideal level of assistance, Mother of Weddings understands every wedding is as different and unique as the couple coming together as one.

Mother of Weddings has the expertise to craft plans for ceremonies and receptions across all venues – from 5 star hotels to rustic rural venues…to glorious marquees to formal church weddings. If you are not sure where to start, what needs to be done or who should be doing what, Mother of Weddings offers a complimentary meeting to help you start your wedding planning journey. We offer a bespoke service, which means every detail is honed just for you.

Cate Allen-Ducat

After a successful career in television, public relations and event management, Cate’s passion is weddings – assisting the bride, the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-of the-groom. Cate is no stranger to the world of high pressure events, having created the very successful Queensland Business Women corporate networking lunch series.

After eight years of signature must-do events with speakers including Carla Zampatti, Jana Wendt, Professor Fiona Wood AM, premiers, judges, CEOs and community leaders, Cate was head hunted for the role of associate director with a national membership organisation. Cate spent the next three years managing an extensive portfolio of events that saw her liaising with prime ministers, premiers, business, academic and community leaders.

While Cate is highly regarded in the corporate sector, she is passionate about supporting anyone organising weddings. Cate’s PR and event management expertise and her recent personal experience as mother-of-the-bride, means you are in highly skilled, caring and capable hands, ensuring a smooth and memorable wedding experience.

At Mother of Weddings, we know how much there is to organise and how many decisions you are facing and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to access the support and advice you need, while working within your budget.

We will listen to your plans and ideas and we will be very happy to provide a written quotation following an initial free consultation. Every wedding is different; everyone needs different support. Our passion is to make sure we save you time, energy and money. We can help you with the things you need to know and the things you need to plan for that perhaps you didn’t know!

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