Wedding Day Event Manager


To ensure a stress-free and seamless wedding day, an event manager or coordinator is essential.  This is a budget-friendly way for added support that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

You’ve done a lot of heavy lifting for the overall wedding and now that you have everything sorted, it is time to hand over the reigns to Mother of Weddings so you can relax and enjoy.

Let Mother of Weddings take care of you and your suppliers, to give you the peace of mind and space to taken in every moment of your special day.

For you, your wedding day is the culmination of months of work and planning and you will have a clear vision of how you want it to unfold.

That’s where we come in, so the magic can happen. You need to be taken care of, have someone running the timings, making sure that your vision comes to life and all the special moments are captured.

You may have been to a lot of weddings but when it’s yours, it’s a completely different sensation.

What we offer is different to what an onsite venue planner will do for you and we love to support them too so the lines of communication are open but on the day you don’t need to be making any last minute decisions or dealing with any changes to timings if that happens.

We will always quote according to your needs and we will be very happy to work with your budget, because we want to look after you. That’s what we do!