Everything is organised and now it’s time to write the wedding day runsheets. But what’s a runsheet and have you thought of all the details?

A runsheet is the most crucial part of wedding planning! A Mother of Weddings runsheet misses nothing and provides the details and timeline for every aspect of your wedding.  It can cover activities over one week, three to four days, or just the day of.

Our runsheets incorporate all the big picture details like arrival times at your ceremony and venue and service times for food and beverages built in around your speeches, but other elements our runsheet may cover include timings for hair and makeup, all the videography, photography and drone shots, travel time, suppliers bump in and bump out, venue access, sound checks, noise restrictions and the list goes on!

If you have written your own runsheet Mother of Weddings will be happy to check it for you and make sure your timings work and you have ticked everything off.

Or we will liaise with all your participants and suppliers to produce detailed runsheets, incorporating every element of your wedding day, to ensure the timings and logistics will work. 

And yes, your MC is an active participant, and yes, we do need to have an idea of what they are planning to do… you might be surprised at what they have up their sleeve!

The most relaxed and fun weddings and events, are those that have had many hours of detail and planning put into them to make them flow smoothly. It never just happens just by luck.